6 min walk from JR Higashi-Nakano station, 15 min from JR Nakano station.
Share houses are DIY renovated Showa-retro old houses.

Nakano Himitsukichi Share House

Located in Nakano, Tokyo, a Showa period building was renovated as a DIY project. We aim to create a share house where people of diverse nationalities, ages, and other backgrounds and cultures live together. Located in a quiet neighborhood, you can enjoy a relaxing life in the city.

What is Nakano like?

Next to Shinjuku, Nakano Station is one stop on the Chuo Line and Higashi-Nakano Station is two stops on the Sobu Line. It has an atmosphere of urban yet common people, and people from all backgrounds live here, including comedians, creators, theater troupes, musicians, writers, and many others. There are many restaurants and stores, and shopping and dining are available. Prices are low, and it is an easy place to live, always ranking high in rankings of the best places to live.

DIY Renovation of a Showa-era Building

We took advantage of a Showa-era building and renovated it with DIY. You can enjoy the handmade yet Showa-era atmosphere, and if you like DIY, you can customize the rooms by yourself, such as painting the walls of the rooms yourself if you wish. There is also a small garden where you can try your own farm.

What is Nakano Himitsukichi?

Himitsukichi (秘密基地) means 'Secret Base.'
Nakano Himitsukichi is an old private house community where people from all backgrounds can casually gather and relax.

Currently, we regularly hold "Tanudon Shokudo," a multicultural children's cafeteria. It also holds workshops and events, and operates a rental space. We provide a place where people of different nationalities and backgrounds as well as the local community can gather.

Our History

In 2002, we founded Yadoya Guesthouse, a guesthouse/sharehouse for foreigners in Nakano, Tokyo.

Since then, we have operated in several locations around Nakano Station, held weekly events to connect the local community with travelers, and provided a place of exchange for travelers and people of all backgrounds from all over the world. In the fall of the same year, all foreign guests returned to their home countries due to Covid-19, and the share house business came to an end.

The share house was then renovated through DIY and reopened in December 2020 as Nakano Himitsukichi Share House/Suzushiro Branch; in October 2021, the old private house community "Nakano Himitsukichi" was opened. The Corona Disaster included the hosting of hybrid online and real-life events in the midst of behavioral restrictions.
In January 2023, Tanudon Shokudo started and became a gathering place for the community; in June 2023, Nakano Himitsukichi Share House Ginrei Branch reopened and is slowly coming back to life as Covid-19 settles down and guests from abroad return.

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