The first floor is the common area, while the second floor has three single rooms and a five-person dormitory. The spacious kitchen and living room are ideal for enjoying socializing.

Private Room GP1 [Occupied]

Bed, small room
47,000 yen/month(including utilities and WiFi)

Private room GP2 [Occupied]

With bed, desk and chair
53,000 yen/month (including utilities and WiFi)

Private Room GP3 [Available, Tenants Wanted!]

With bed, desk, and large window.
55,000 yen/month (including utilities and WiFi)

5-person dormitory, room GD4 [Available, Tenants Wanted!]

This is a room for 5 people with 2 bunk beds and 1 single size (for smaller people).
Please feel free to contact us for more details about available bed locations and other information.
39,000 yen/month (including utilities and WiFi)

Ginrei Branch Gallery